Dr. Moench’s Op Ed on Biden’s responsibility

UPHE’s founder and board president, Dr. Brian Moench, wrote an excellent op-ed that was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune right before the holidays. He compares President Joe Biden’s current situation to that of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in that both are leading this country through dire times of turmoil and uncertainty. 

Dr. Moench argues, “Fossil fuel extraction on federal land generates one fourth of America’s greenhouse gasses, and the president has full authority to limit leases. Biden campaigned on ending drilling on federal land and started off well. Lease sales were canceled in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the West.

But after initially channeling his inner FDR, Biden has since withered, sacrificing leadership for approval ratings; ratings that are the work of the Pied Pipers of malice and propaganda at Faux News, and the “neutral” media’s obsession with feigning objectivity.

Biden’s team is making a political calculation to prioritize inflation, especially gas prices, and lighting much of his climate agenda on fire.”

Find the full Op-Ed here.