Governor Cox’s ‘One Utah’ Plan

Governor Cox recently released a “roadmap” for Utah’s future, “One Utah”, that doubles down on outdated and increasingly obsolete industries, rather than addressing some of the most pressing environmental and health concerns facing our state. Cox’s road map continues the emphasis on helping rural economies and Southern Utah by tying them even more closely to the boom and bust cycle of dirty energy, mineral extraction,  livestock grazing, and absurd water infrastructure fantasies like the Lake Powell pipeline. Given the climate consequences of the livestock industry, continued devotion of public lands to grazing is just as damaging to our future as digging for more fossil fuels.

But not mentioned in the plan are major environmental challenges facing the Beehive State, such as climate change, diminishing water resources and poor air quality. While Gov. Spencer Cox has made saving the shrinking Great Salt Lake a centerpiece in his proposed budget, Utah’s signature body of water, or any other waterway for that matter, is not even discussed in his roadmap.” a Salt Lake Tribune article points out. 

Read the full Tribune article here.