Studies show health consequences of poor air quality

Several studies published this week on the health consequences of air pollution add to our understanding of the need to improve air quality. Poor air quality and pollution is cited as a neurodevelopment impairment in children, cause of high blood pressure, and dementia risk in women in these new studies.

Such looming health consequences certainly make a strong case to prevent any further deterioration of our air quality. Projects like the inland port, the Uinta Basin Railway, and the limestone mine in Parley’s Canyon, do exactly that. With our existing poor air quality, stopping major polluters and polluting projects is our main concern.


This study found that early life exposure to VOCs in the indoor air of a child’s home is associated with impaired neurodevelopment in children.

Here is yet another study that strengthens the association between air pollution and dementia in elderly females.

Chronic exposure to PM2.5 air pollution increases blood pressure even in children.