Bill would offer free fare on any Utah public transit system

Rep. Joel Briscoe has introduced a bill to make mass transit free, in addition to his legislation that made fares free on bad air quality days, like the ones we’ve had the last ten days. We urge you to call your state legislators and ask them to support the bill, HB 164.

About half our air pollution comes from vehicles, so anything we can do to get people out of their cars is worth doing. Fox13 asked UPHE to weigh in on the bill, and our board president and founder is quoted saying “Anything we can do to get people to start using mass transit or get out of their cars and walk and bike — all that’s very useful.”

We hope they understand that this is really a public emergency and to address our air pollution in a very meaningful way. This isn’t going to take care of all of it, but it will certainly help.”

In order to make people opt out of their cars, the alternative has to be realistically convenient, and cheaper. This bill would be a start in that direction and could help make a real difference in our air quality. 

Read the Fox13 article here.