Will some brave legislators stand up against the Inland Port now?

As the Utah legislature begins another session, citizens like James King express concern over their priorities and actions regarding the Utah Inland Port- the most pressing polluting project in Salt Lake City at this time. We at UPHE have been leading the battle against the port due to the massive threats it poses to our air and quality of life in Utah. 

In his letter to the Salt Lake Tribune, James King says “The Inland Port is a rogue operation of dubious legal standing. It prioritizes economic development over the health of our citizens. As the Legislature meets next week, surely there will be those men and women, I hope, who have the courage to stand up for what is right.”

We hope so too. Our legislature should not be allowing Salt Lake City residents to foot the bill for a project that poses serious health risks for them. At the last “public” meeting held by the Utah Inland Port Authority, we watched the board vote to approve the spending of public money in areas they were unaware of until the time of the vote, shut the public out of the majority of the meeting, remove the public comment period (wasting the time of concerned citizens who joined after being told they would have the ability to comment), and promote a false narrative that the port will be “green”. 

One of the most helpful things residents can do right now is to reach out to their legislators and express their opinions and concerns over the Inland Port. 

Find your representative’s contact information here. 

Read the full letter here.