Free Fare February

Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to the poor air quality we endure along the Wasatch Front. We urge you to take advantage of Free Fare February, and ride UTA services for free this month to help reduce the hazardous toxins that get stuck in our air, especially during inversions.  

UPHE supports Rep. Joel Briscoe’s H.B. 164, which would make UTA services free year-round. Not only would this help improve our air quality, but it’s a socially conscious move towards creating an equitable society. 

Taking advantage of Free Fare February could help increase H.B. 164’s chances of passing. Please use this month to improve our air quality now, and far into the future. 

A Tribune article states that the Clean Air Caucus gets many of its ideas from meeting with constituents, advocacy groups, political bodies, universities and legislative auditors, highlighting the importance of public involvement and support in getting clean air legislation passed.

Read more about the bill and Free Fare February here.