Sick of Utah’s icky air quality? These lawmakers have ideas to address it

Photo by E P Kosmicki

In Utah, we’ve seen harmful policy decisions be made time and time again at the cost of our health and quality of life. That’s why it’s so important to support legislation that could help improve our air quality. There are a few bills on the table this legislative session that aim to clean up our notoriously hazardous air. 

We’ve already asked you to express your support to legislators on a few bills- including H.B. 164, which makes mass transit free, and S.B. 136, which would help reduce diesel emissions coming to Utah through the inland port. These bills sponsored by the bipartisan Clean Air Caucus encourage clean air and we encourage you to look into them and let your Representatives know that clean air is important to you. 

Rep. Gay Lynn Bennion says in a KUER article that her decision to pick up clean air legislation came from a constituent, so make sure your Representatives are protecting your interests this session.

We at UPHE try to highlight the human health importance of being able to breathe clean air. Air pollution has been linked to nearly every form of cancer, causes respiratory issues, increases the severity of COVID-19, and affects fetal development. Although we each have the ability to reduce the pollution in our communities, much of the air pollution on the Wasatch Front is out of individual control. When lawmakers propose changes to clean up the air, it’s important to support them, and protect public health.

Read the KUER article here.