Why is Colorado trying to block Utah’s proposed oil rail?

Colorado politicians may come to our rescue, where our own Legislature left us in the lurch.

Utah’s political leaders have their heads firmly stuck in the sand, and have allowed dirty energy Uinta Basin Railway to move forward, cutting through our National Forests. Colorado is helping to protest the Uinta Basin Railway whose sole purpose is to quadruple the dirty energy drilling in the Uinta Basin. The effects of this proposal reach far beyond Utah. 

“The proposed Uinta Basin Railway would operate entirely in Utah, but Colorado officials are now pressuring federal authorities to block the project, which could result in thousands of tanker cars filled with Utah crude passing over the Sunshine State’s mountains on their way to Gulf Coast refineries” a Salt Lake Tribune article writes.

The latest branch of government to fail Utahns in the fight against increasing fossil fuel production and use was the Forest Service when they approved the rail’s 12-mile stretch through Ashley National Forest. This decision is a direct contradiction of the Biden administration’s promise to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. The Uinta Basin has much more to offer than an unstable and environmentally degrading industry. 

Utahns in favor of clean air are ill represented in the Utah Legislature. Unfortunately, we have to look outside of our own state for protection from polluting projects. 

Utah could use a heavy dose of Colorado, i.e. common sense, reality check, and commitment to protecting our future.

Read the Tribune coverage here.