Finally – a bit of good news for SLC’s west side

We often talk about the threats to air quality and public health facing Salt Lake’s west side. As if it’s not bad enough to have pollution from the freeways and airport, they’re battling the polluting Inland Port. There’s a bit of good news regarding air quality for the west side, however. Salt Lake City has been selected as a participant in a federal solar initiative that will bring solar energy to the area’s large commercial buildings. 

We know individual action on climate change and air pollution is helpful and important, but industry is a major contributor, so this initiative is a crucial step in improving air quality in the area. 

The city is expected to conclude the planning phases by summer of 2023. 

We applaud this move to clean up the air and promote environmental health for west side residents. With so many pollution sources on the west side already, it’s imperative the city also halts any projects that contribute to the air quality issues, such as the Inland Port. The Inland Port will bring thousands of extra car and truck trips to the area each day. Aside from being an air quality and environmental disaster, it’s noisy, unsightly, and clogs up the roads. West side residents, and Salt Lake as a whole, deserve better. 

Find the Tribune article here.

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune)