Parley’s mine proponents drop large mine due to public opposition, but the threat of a “small” one still looms

Parley’s Canyon is right in our neighborhood. Who wants a mine for a neighbor?

Here’s one thing you can do to help keep the Salt Lake Valley a great place to live.

Largely due to overwhelming public opposition, Tree Farm LLC withdrew their application for large mining operations in Parley’s Canyon. They are moving forward, however, with a smaller mine (20 acres or less) which unfortunately has a much less vigorous approval process. 

There’s still hope to change this though! On Tuesday, April 5, the Salt Lake County Council is likely to vote on an ordinance that would prohibit any more mines in our canyons.

This ordinance change would be a huge win for public and environmental health along the Wasatch Front. The current vetting process for mines is based on rural communities, where people often live further away from the mining area, and are exposed to less pollutants like those that come from vehicle emissions. Combining those factors with the inversion and increasing dust from the shrinking Great Salt Lake, Parley’s Canyon is a horrible location for a mine of any size. 

We will always be threatened by rich, powerful people willing to exploit public resources for their own benefit, at the public’s expense. This Parley’s mine is only the latest, it is certainly one of the worst, but it won’t be the last. If you want to protect where you live, the public will have to get involved and fight for it.

Read the Salt Lake Tribune’s coverage here.

We ask you to do two things. Keep calling the Governor’s office and tell him absolutely NO! to the mine in Parley’s Canyon (801-538-1000), and e-mail all the members of the Salt Lake County Council and tell them absolutely YES! to an ordinance that would prohibit any such mines.

Laurie Stringham, Chair
(385) 468-7451 / Email (

Richard Snelgrove
(385) 468-7452 / Email (

Jim Bradley
(385) 468-7453 / Email (

Arlyn Bradshaw (District 1)
(385) 468-7454 / Email (

David Alvord (District 2)
(385) 468-7455 / Email (

Aimee Winder Newton (District 3)
(385) 468-7456 / Email (

Ann Granato (District 4)
(385) 468-7457 / Email (

Steve DeBry (District 5)
(385) 468-7458 / Email (

Dea Theodore (District 6)
(385) 468-7459 / Email (

Click here to find your district or voice your concerns to Laurie Stringham, Richard Snelgrove and Jim Bradley. 

Learn more about the County Council here.