When necessary, we litigate


KUER covered our notice to file a lawsuit against four Harley-Davidson dealerships on the Wasatch Front for selling motorcycles that have had their pollution control devices stripped, and for selling the illegal parts. 

“This is the third lawsuit UPHE has brought against motor vehicle manufacturers and dealerships for skirting emissions standards, Moench said. In 2017, they filed a lawsuit against the TV stars of the show “Diesel Brothers” for tampering with vehicles that in turn emitted higher levels of air pollution. The Federal appeals court upheld that decision last year.”

Dr. Moench explained to KUER that this potential lawsuit was prompted by residents’ complaints. ‘You can hear motorcycle noise all over this valley, even if you’re far removed from freeways… We don’t have to sit back and let companies engage in this kind of illegal activity, we can do something about it.”

UPHE’s notice letter alleges the dealerships are violating the federal Clean Air Act and the federal Noise Control Act by removing pollution control devices in motorcycles, selling and installing emission and noise control defeat parts on new and used motorcycles, and owning and operating tampered motorcycles. With air quality already causing health consequences for residents of the Wasatch Front, we need to take every possible measure in reducing pollution levels. Companies not abiding by the set regulations to do so need to be held accountable. 

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