Electric school buses for Utah?

Salt Lake City School District currently has eight electric buses in their fleet. Photo from slcschools.org

The EPA has released a new program to encourage schools to replace their dirty energy, diesel buses for clean electric ones. Typical school buses run on diesel and produce high levels of particulate matter. Their contribution to local air pollution is high. 

Children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful health effects of this type of pollution. Making the switch to clean energy buses is a huge step in the right direction. 

We suggest you call your child’s, or your local school district and inform them of the program. Currently, Salt Lake City School District is the only district in the state that uses some electric buses. They have eight. Please call your local district and urge them to take advantage of the program. Reducing emissions this way would provide a huge benefit to our communities.

Utah DEQ also estimates that electrifying all school buses along the Wasatch Front would reduce pollutants by nearly 41,000 tons and diesel use by more than 4.1 million gallons” reports a KUER article written on the program. 

Read the KUER article here.

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