The state of the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake made national news yet again in an in-depth report published by ABC News. They reported that two thirds of the lakebed, or 800 sq miles is exposed due to drought and compounded by irresponsible water usage and development. 

More than 10 million birds are losing a crucial stop over point on their migration flight as the lake shrinks. A few inches of water is all that is holding down harmful particulates, like arsenic and other heavy metals, that will blow into the air and lungs of local residents once exposed

Discover Magazine put together a 3D satellite fly-over video, as well as compiling some comparison photos to show the severity of the situation, and what two thirds exposed actually looks like. The images are shocking. 

Both coverages of the urgent situation cite increased development, and agriculture as major sources of water overuse. Aside from those, Discover reports that “research has shown that 42 percent of this megadrought is due to human-caused climate change.” 

We hope that all of the attention this issue is getting lately will spur practical and realistic steps towards saving the lake and protecting our health. A magical pipeline is not the answer. Serious water conservation efforts and minimizing fossil fuels to create a healthier climate, is. 

Read the ABC article and watch the coverage on their website here.

Read the Discover Magazine coverage and see more powerful images here.