Parley’s mine proponents apply for another dirty project in SLC


The same company that wants to carve a limestone mine/gravel pit in Parley’s Canyon, Granite Construction, has applied for a conditional use permit to construct a concrete plant in North Salt Lake.  There is likely a connection between their two applications. 

There is no shortage of available concrete on the Wasatch Front. We oppose the application because the area is already a pollution hotspot with the Marathon oil refinery right next door, I-15 freeway, and the gravel pit only a few blocks away.  

It is not clear from the application if their plans involve a cement kiln which usually requires burning coal or petroleum coke at very high temperatures. Even if it doesn’t, concrete plants are sources of constant fugitive dust, including crystalline silica, and the plant would load 176 diesel trucks a day, another source of toxic pollution. There is also the recurring issue of water consumption. We all know how dire our water resources are. An article in The Guardian says,  “Concrete is a thirsty behemoth, sucking up almost a 10th of the world’s industrial water use.” 

Click the image for the Guardian article

Worldwide, the manufacturing and massive use of concrete is a huge environmental problem. Unfortunately, concrete has become synonymous with construction, progress, and economic growth, which is a badly distorted metric of societal well being. Below is a broad take down of modern civilization’s love affair with concrete…” each wheelbarrow of concrete also tips the world closer to ecological collapse.”

If you missed the first opportunity to comment this week, please stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved in the opposition of this proposal.