A message from UPHE’s Doctor Tom Nelson on Wasatch Valley air quality

Last week, on November 22nd, Salt Lake City had the 22nd worst air quality on planet earth. We were number one in North America (next was Mexico City at 30).

It’s no one’s fault the Wasatch Valley is shaped like a cauldron that acts as a pollution trapping bowl. No one can control the weather and conjure up wind and storms on demand. Those of us that live here need to earn a living and survive, so there’s no blame to be placed on the fact that we must drive our cars, fly in planes, and heat our homes.  

What is inexcusable, and is very much the fault of certain groups and individuals, is making decisions based solely on financial gains that exacerbate this problem while decreasing the quality of all Wasatch Valley lives (and also shortening them). Folks (usually from out of town) who want to build ports, blast mines, illegally modify cars, de-incentivize solar panels, erect polluting plants, and dredge some lakes while diverting water from others need a voice of opposition. Someone needs to tell them here is not the place, because our lives are worth more than whatever profits they pad their accounts with.

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Dr. E Thomas Nelson