Geneva’s Point of the Mountain expansion ‘tentatively’ approved

Photo by arbyreed.

The Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (DOGM) approved Geneva’s proposal to expand their massive Point of the Mountain rock quarry early this week, despite an outpouring of public comments opposing it. 

Draper’s zoning ordinance would prohibit the expansion. We are hopeful the city’s lawsuit will be able to enforce the ordinance and stop this expansion. 

UPHE has been fighting the expansion for years because it could have major impacts on residents’ health. There are other major reasons we oppose the expansion. We don’t have the water for it. These operations use massive amounts of water in attempts to suppress dust. Even with the water usage, Point of the Mountain is a major creator of fugitive dust, especially for Draper residents. The dust is harmful to human health and Draper residents live closer to large scale mining than any other community in the state.

DOGM approving the expansion despite it violating local ordinances is yet another display of state government agencies overriding reasonable local laws, and discounting residents’ very valid concerns. A similar effort was made by the state legislature last session with HB527. The bill, if passed, would have completely discounted reasonable local ordinances to protect communities from the harmful effects of their close proximity to mining, like this, or the proposal for a gravel pit at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon. 

There are still two avenues to prevent the expansion – local zoning requirements and permits from the Department of Environmental Quality. Please stay on the lookout for ways to get involved.  

Read the Salt Lake Tribune’s coverage on the proposed expansion here.

Channel 4 covered this issue in 2018 when Geneva asked the Draper City Council to rezone the area so that they could expand.