Free air purifier program ending soon

UPHE has been hard at work with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services on a program that provides federally funded air purifiers to schools and daycare centers across the state. So far, over 60% of Utah K-12 schools are benefiting from the program, and around 55% of state licensed daycares. 

The program is only funded through July of this year, so please help us spread the word and encourage your local school or daycare to take part.

K-12 schools can email and

early education centers can email

Districts who have not fully participated in the program yet include Granite, Alpine, Jordan, Provo, Daggett, Rich, San Juan, Piute, and a few others. Email us or fill out our online interest form for more information.  

Cache Valley Daily published an online article about the program, writing “The groups say indoor air pollution can increase the severity and transmissibility of infectious diseases, making air purifiers in schools essential. The health and comfort of students and teachers contribute to learning and productivity in the classroom, which in turn affects performance and achievement.

The program offers schools and individual classrooms the opportunity to participate without any additional costs beyond signing up for the program… Schools can receive up to six free replacement filters with their order.”

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