Deadline to order free air purifiers for schools coming soon

Fox13 had a piece on the Utah Department of Health and Human Services’ free air purifier program for schools and daycares. 

UPHE president Dr. Brian Moench said, “It’s important that every child in the state has an opportunity to have the cleanest air possible in the school that they’re attending.” He goes on to outline the findings of studies that show how air pollution affects brain function and student performance.  

UPHE board member, Dr. Sean Slack, mentioned to Fox13 the ease and accessibility to participate in the program. All schools and daycares need to do is contact UPHE to order. We have an interest form on our website, here. Dr. Slack is a practicing emergency medicine physician in the Salt Lake Valley and frequently sees children affected by poor air quality missing school. 

This is one of the most important clean air and education initiatives in the state. Around 70% of all Utah schools have air purifiers but there are still many that don’t, and funding is set to run out by July of this year. 

Find the full Fox13 piece here.