Showing up for Parley’s

Send a message to the Utah Division of Air Quality on their Intent to Approve the mine through July 27th here.

Thank you to all who showed up last Thursday to voice your opposition to Granite Construction’s proposed limestone mine and gravel pit for Parley’s Canyon. One clear message came through at the rally – residents do not want this project. 

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UPHE’s Dr. Brian Moench spoke at the rally, emphasizing the threat the project poses to the public. Wind reports for lower Parleys Canyon show that wind speeds in the area exceed 25 miles per hour about 40 percent of the time. Which not only means that winds will blow fugitive dust from the mine into the communities of the 139,000 people in a three mile radius, but state regulations don’t expect gravel pit operators to comply with fugitive dust standards during those windy times.

When dust suppression efforts are taking place, they will include massive amounts of water. 

The proposal and approval process for this mine has highlighted the real issue, which is Utah’s weak and industry-favored mining regulation process. Dr. Moench criticized the state for potentially failing to protect natural assets and public health from industrial interests, saying “If Utah’s state government cannot protect even our most important natural assets if public health protection exists only at the mercy of industrial lobbyists, then we will have become the poster child of a failed government.

Granite Construction is a $3 billion California company listed on the NY Stock Exchange. The same month their involvement in the project became public, they “donated” $10,000 in political contributions to the Utah Republican party, which helps explain the state government’s inclination to prioritize a private company’s profits over the health and wishes of their constituents. Please call your representatives and let them know the public is aware of the contributions and prefer representatives who look out for residents’ interests. 

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