UPHE’s successful litigation funds program to help reduce excessive vehicle emissions

UPHE’s saying “we educate, we advocate and when necessary we litigate ” has resulted in some extremely positive programs and influential policy, especially concerning the issue of illegally modified vehicles. 

UPHE sued TAP Worldwide LLC after discovering their sale of pollution-control defeating devices, illegal under EPA standards. The result had nationwide implications for the sale of these devices. 

The court order also requires 4 Wheel Parts to improve the air quality along the Wasatch Front by paying $100,000 to the Davis County Health Department to fund a tampered diesel truck restoration program, and $100,000 to the Weber-Morgan Health Department to reduce the number of tampered vehicles registered out-of-county.  4 Wheel Parts is also required to pay $100,000 to the federal government as a civil penalty. 

The goal of these programs is to get vehicles back into compliance and keep pollution out of the airshed. 

KJZZ reported on the result of the lawsuit, writing they “asked Davis County officials why the vehicle owners weren’t fined for making these changes. They responded by saying they couldn’t because of how the settlement agreement was written. Plus, their main goal is to get the trucks fixed.” 

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