Environmental win: courts reject an attempt to halt the Good Neighbor Plan

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the nation’s clean air and public health by rejecting an attempt to halt the Good Neighbor Plan.

This crucial pollution-reduction effort stands as a defense against smog originating from power plants, including coal-plant smokestacks, and other industrial sources in neighboring states. The ruling ensures the continued safeguarding of millions of individuals residing in downwind states.

The state of Utah sued against the rule, standing by industry polluters rather than protecting both local residents and those in neighboring states’ health.

On the flat high desert land of the Castel Valley in Utah, you will find this power plant, one of many in the area.

Today’s decision marks a significant milestone in the ongoing fight for clean air and public health across the United States.

UPHE has fought to uphold the Good Neighbor Plan in court, along with coalition partners.

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