Another study supports our mission – we need clean air!

A recent study out of the University of Utah resulted in alarming findings concerning indoor air quality, furthering evidence backing much of our work. The study, which focused on over 100 households across Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties, revealed unsettling truths about the air we breathe in our own homes.

Photo by E P Kosmicki

Led by Professor Daniel Mendoza, former UPHE Board Member, the study aimed to understand the quality of indoor and outdoor air in our communities. The study further supported previous evidence that indoor air quality can be significantly worse than outdoor air, even on clear days. Compounds like uranium, arsenic, lead, and others were found to be pervasive in homes across the Wasatch Front.

These findings underscore the urgent need for action to safeguard public health. One crucial step is to address the environmental factors contributing to this alarming situation. Many of the heavy metals detected in the indoor air have also been detected in Great Salt Lake lakebed, turning to dust and spreading throughout our communities as the lake recedes. 

The ongoing industrial development, exemplified by projects like the Utah Inland Port, also poses a grave threat to air quality. As this freight transferring and warehouse district expands across the state, it exacerbates pollution and endangers public health.

It’s evident that immediate action is imperative. We must advocate for policies that prioritize clean air and environmental conservation. 

Some individual actions can help protect your health in the meantime, such as using a HEPA air purifier in your home, not using gas stoves, improving ventilation by opening doors and windows, changing your furnace filter regularly, avoiding smoke and chemicals from candles, and keeping indoor plants. 

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