U of U Hospital ICU is over capacity

University of Utah Health Care Opens $200 Million Hospital Expansion
University of Utah Hospital

The entire country, including Utah, is clearly in the grip of another pandemic spike. COVID hospitalizations are at a record level, and the University of Utah Hospital is now over capacity. Even the Governor admitted that the trend is “unsustainable….Utahns must wear a mask around others, socially distance, and limit social gathering sizes. Unless we do these things, we can expect to see more sobering days like today.”

Read more in a Salt Lake Tribune article here.

Overwhelming our hospital system and healthcare workers is just one of the reasons why the so called “herd immunity” strategy of dealing with the pandemic would be such a huge mistake.

Multiple health organizations issued a joint statement against the Great Barrington Declaration, which is a herd immunity strategy petition advocated by some outlier physicians and apparently the President’s senior advisors.

“This notion is dangerous because it puts the entire population, particularly the most vulnerable, at risk. Young people are not all healthy, and they don’t live in vacuums. They interact with family members, co-workers and neighbors. Inviting increased rates of COVID-19 in young people will lead to increased infection rates among all Americans.”