Provo Residents Oppose Expansion of Oil Storage

In Provo there is concern over the expansion of Christensen Oil, a bulk petroleum distributing company. People do not want oil storage to encroach further into neighborhoods and feel uncomfortable with it’s current proximity to home.

Christensen Oil in Provo seeks amendment to M-1 zone | Provo News |
Christen Oil storage tanks in Provo, Utah

Residents expressed worry that Christensen Oil isn’t following the latest fire code. Residents have asked the fire department to require fuel trucks to park at least 25 feet away from property lines, for example, and they’ve questioned whether oil tanks are too close to their fences.

When the company made plans to add at least 14 more 5,200-gallon oil tanks last year, Buehler and some other Provo residents decided they’d had enough.

“They’re trying to expand in an area where they shouldn’t be in the first place,” said Lynne Dixon, an attorney who has experience working with the petroleum industry. “I don’t understand why Christensen is so tied to wanting to stay at this location when other industries are trying to create buffer zones.”