Massachusetts Towns Are Fighting Against Pesticide Spraying For The Same Reasons We’re Fighting Against It In Utah

Among the many reasons to stop pesticide spraying is that many of these chemicals are contaminated with something that may be even more toxic than the pesticides, PFAS compounds. These compounds are nicknamed “forever chemicals” because they simply don’t break down in the environment. They act as endocrine disruptors and are associated with a long list of human diseases, including cancer, immunosuppression, and endocrine disorders.

Mosquito spraying in the southeastern Massachusetts area. DAVID L RYAN/GLOBE STAFF/FILE

Renee D’Argento, chair of Pepperell’s Board of Health, told city (local officials, “Not only is this bad for human health and the environment, for the long-term effects it causes, but [the pesticides] can also pose an immediate danger to vulnerable populations, including children with chronic health problems.”  Read more here.

Sign UPHE’s petition asking the SLC Mosquito Abatement District for a two-year moratorium on spraying chemical pesticides.