Say NO to Tax Increase for Spraying More Chemical Pesticides

Mosquito Abatement District (SLCMAD) Requests Tax Increase to Spray More Toxic Pesticides

As ABC4’s Jason Nguyen reported on July 13, SLCMAD wants to raise residents’ abatement property taxes by 75%. In an interview with UPHE, Board President Dr. Brian Moench told Nguyen that raising property taxes for this program could cause serious health problems for our children. “This is wrong on multiple levels.”

UPHE opposes spraying of toxic pesticides to control mosquitoes. It is unnecessary, can be counterproductive, wipes out mosquito predators, promotes chemical resistance in the mosquitoes, and doesn’t decrease the incidence of West Nile Virus. But SLCMAD officials want to impose higher taxes for even more spraying. There are more effective ways to control mosquitos than spraying chemical pesticides.

Please let the Salt Lake City Council know your Opposition to Pesticide Spraying and the Tax Increase. 

Watch: ABC4 News Story

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