Protesting the Inland Port’s 150M Dollar Taxpayer Backed Bond

Thank you to the 50 plus concerned residents that showed up last week to deliver over 2,000 signatures expressing disdain for the latest schemes of the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) to create a Public Infrastructure District (PID).  Their new strategy to force taxpayers to subsidize the port–establishing a Public Infrastructure District (PID) through which they will issue bonds that will be backed up by taxpayer money.

Note that a political party has officially joined us in opposing this scheme. “The United Utah Party says the bonds are ‘too expensive’ and the group is calling for ‘increased responsibility and accountability with taxpayers money.’” We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to legislators stuck in the Dark Ages, a handful of corporations stand to make a lot of money turning Salt Lake City of 2040 into Pittsburgh of 1940, and we don’t intend to let that happen. The battle goes on and UPHE will keep fighting this terrible idea every day. Please talk to your family, friends, and neighbors. The last thing residents of the Salt Lake Valley want is more heavy industry, more pollution, and more traffic congestion from the inland port.

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