Salt Lake County takes actions to block proposed Parley’s Canyon mine

On December 10th, the Salt Lake County Council voted unanimously to begin the process of changing a county ordinance, which would block any attempt to dig new mines in the Wasatch canyons and foothills.

In November, a recently formed limited liability company called Tree Farm, began steps to establish mining operations in Parley’s Canyon. Tree Farm founder, Jesse Lassley, is a part owner of the much smaller Harper pit, in lower Parley’s Canyon. He recently sold his property in Mt. Aire, a neighborhood sure to be adversely affected by pollution from the mine, bought 634 acres with the intent of turning it into a limestone mine. 

Harper Pit in lower Parley’s Canyon

As that area is greatly important to the natural beauty of the frequented canyon, and the mine would surely become a major polluter, we applaud the County Councils move to block it.  City, county, and state officials of every political stripe seem to agree that allowing such a mine in the watershed area of Salt Lake City, and forever changing the landscape of  such a beautiful part of the most heavily trafficked canyon in the state was a horrible idea.

We appreciate the public’s show of support in opposition to this mining proposal.. Over 9,200 people have signed the petition opposing the mine so far. This process isn’t over, and we will continue to update you on opportunities to weigh in during public hearing stages of the process. 

In short, the fight is not over. With strong public opposition the battle is headed in the right direction. Stay tuned for what is coming next, likely in February. 

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