Dust in the rain

The dreary state of our Great Salt Lake is a boon for window washers. After each cold front and rainstorm comes windows covered with little grey spots – each raindrop is covered in the dust from the Great Salt Lake. I have lived in Salt Lake City for almost 40 years, and have been happily looking out my windows for that long, but the dust drops in the recent years are a reminder of the condition of the lake

They are also a reminder of what is going in my lungs. If each raindrop picks up that much dust with the storm front, so do my lungs… and the lungs of young and old in the Great Salt Lake Valley. I joined UPHE many years ago because of the commitment by this organization to shine a light on the issues of health and the environment. Now, as a board member, I am proud of the work we have done to try to see The Lake as a source of life, but also of toxic dust. From speaking out against arial spraying of insecticides to joining a coalition to speak out against the poorly planned Inland Port, UPHE educates and advocates for a healthy environment. With the Utah State Health Department, we have placed thousands of air purifiers in school classrooms and daycare centers. I really don’t want children’s lungs to look like my windows.

Please help Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment to continue our work – for you, your family, and the Great Salt Lake.

Kirtly Parker Jones, M.D.