Why You Should Join


Right now, a lot of damage can be done to years of hard work at the local, state and federal level to protect our loved ones from air, water and soil pollution. Your voice is more crucial than ever because there are people that we need to reach out to and educate about the dangers of actions and policies that allow more toxic chemicals, emissions and dust to enter our systems.

We know, that no matter what party we belong to, we all value our families’ health and our beautiful land. But we need to speak louder, have better platforms and try harder to reach a wider audience and share the overwhelming medical and scientific research on pollution.

For the last 10 years, UPHE has challenged the expansion of Utah’s refineries, incinerators, a “pet coke” plant, gravel pits & mining operations near populated areas. We have supported the drive for diesel emission testing and we’ll be going after those who sabotage pollution control devices. We have advocated for all forms of renewable energy, better transportation options and less urban sprawl. We have brought attention to high infant mortality rates and their possible connection to severe air pollution in Vernal, and how there is no safe level of pollution for anyone – especially pregnant women and young children. We have spoken out repeatedly on the dangers of wood burning because you are even more at risk from the pollution in your neighborhood, i.e. your “microenvironment,” than from the pollution in the community at large. We are currently working to make Utah a lead-free environment for all of Utah’s children.

You, our supporters, are the lifeblood of UPHE. Your individual contributions help us to continue our work and have the flexibility to move quickly on issues. We also want to get to know more about who are supporters are and what you do so that we can better engage you as we continue this fight.

We truly hope that you can join us and donate to support our work!