Climate Disaster Endangers Us All

“The predictions seemed completely outlandish,” said Larry O’Neill, associate professor at Oregon State University and state climatologist. “They were so crazy insane that professional forecasters and people like myself thought something must be wrong with the models.” As it turned out, the forecasts were right.

“With global warming making heat waves and other extreme weather events both more likely and more severe, this week’s sizzling temperatures may herald a climate reality that scientists thought was still decades in the future.

“We see evidence of climate change in the data already, but in the Pacific Northwest, we thought maybe by the middle of the century is when we would start to see really substantial and impactful events,” O’Neill said. “But we’re seeing those now.” Portland, Oregon hit 116 F this week, and last week temperatures of 118 F were recorded in Siberia!!!

Public policy like the dirty energy inland port is a callous and immoral disregard for reality itself, and for the health, well-being, and future of all humankind. Please let your legislators know that you don’t support this boondoggle and that it puts public health at further risk.

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