The state is attempting to dodge accountability for GSL

The state is once again attempting to thwart their responsibility to bring water back to Great Salt Lake. UPHE, along with other groups, filed a lawsuit late in 2023 to force reductions in upstream diversions. The state wrote a letter asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, which we recently responded to.

“None of the efforts highlighted by Defendants in their briefs include any cuts to diversions, and none has achieved any significant reduction in water use—or meaningful increase in water reaching the Lake,” our response stated. 

“Lawmakers have spent more than $1 billion and passed a series of bills on water conservation designed to prop up the lake,” is a common argument against the lawsuit. UPHE’s Dr. Brian Moench debunks that claim, breaking apart those programs in an op-ed, Utah is sabotaging efforts to save Great Salt Lake.

Legislators are still squirreling away taxpayer money to fund the Bear River Development Project, which, by itself, would be a catastrophic blow to the lake because the Bear River is its largest tributary.

Taxpayer money is still being used on projects that undermine any efforts to get more water to the lake. 

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